We are on a mission to give world a healthy, stress free and happy life by bringing them close to nature as we believe that human beings are “nature beings” by making your body align with nature so as to lose weight in a healthy way by making one consciously aware of what they eat to stay healthy, fit and happy thereby attaining their ideal weight quickly, naturally and effortlessly.

Acupressure Based Diet Therapy

Acupressure Based Diet Therapy works on all the 7 major Chakras of our body i.e. 7 Endocrine Glands.

  • Pineal
  • Pituitary
  • Thyroid & Parathyroid
  • Thymus
  • Adrenal
  • Pancreas
  • Ovaries(in Females) / Testes(in Males)

How Do We Work?

Primarily, the therapist will try to understand the deficiencies in one’s body by identifying it through a systematic procedure of understanding which particular gland is not functioning properly.

Once this is done, the consultant gives a diet plan to help recover the problem that in turns helps cure gland malfunctions. During the process all the 7 chakras becomes very active and aligned which facilitates weight loss and thus a healthy and fit body.

Firstly, the consultant will look into the medical history of a patient. Majority of the people these days tend to suffer from chronic diseases like B.P, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Fatty Liver, Kidney Malfunction (Uric acid,creatinine level), PCOD, Hormonal Imbalance, Hemoglobin levels, Vitamin B12 and D3 deficiency, Constipation, Gastric trouble, Cough and Sinusitis etc.

If anyone suffers from the above said problems, a customized diet chart targeting the key problems is written upon Science of Acupressure Therapy, which would be beneficial for healthy way of weight loss.

What We Do:

The diet plan is meant for those who wish to lose/gain weight quickly by following a healthy approach. Bid farewell to all your worries, stress, diseases, and hormonal imbalance as you opt for our program.

Every individual is unique and so are their body characteristics. Being aware of this phenomenon, the consultant tries to understand the body functionalities, nature (Chakras), its deficiencies, excess along with a diet chart for 15 days.

This diet plan balances your body, its chakras resulting in quick and effortless weight loss.

Our methodology in transforming lives!

It involves a systematic step-by-step procedure which is as follows-

Step 1:

  • You are required to fill a pre consultation form while booking an appointment slot.
  • The form helps us to understand all your health related issues, climatic conditions of place, and overall body characteristics.

Step 2

  • The consultant goes through the pre consultation form thoroughly before the appointment date.
  • On the day, she comes online for a one on one consultation for 15 minutes over video conferencing and works out a very comfortable and customized diet plan keeping your needs and comfort at utmost priority.

Step 3

  1. The diet chart will be shared with you instantly over the same portal.
  2. User can either save the diet chart/print it as per the requirement.
  3. The food items that are suggested by the consultant meet all your body’s nutritional requirements because the quantity and quality of the food is taken into account.
  • The food items in the diet plan could be prepared at home or purchased from us as per one’s need.
  • We offer you extended support during these 15 days whenever needed through Whatsapp/ Emails

P.S: Kindly book the appointment a week prior to completion of 15 days to get desired appointment slot and to maintain consistency in your weight loss journey as “we would like to help you in the only GAME where you WIN when you LOSE.”

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