Lemon grass Neem and Castor Oil

We all know how essential oils are to our daily life. We use them in our kitchen, for our beauty regime etc. But oils have also played a very important role in treating our body and have immense health benefits.


Anyone suffering from skin itching, urticaria, psoriasis, eczema or ring worm, take bath with crystal salt water.

How to cure sore throat?

With the pleasant season of winter comes sore throat and infection. You must have heard that drinking hot water helps soothe sore throat, but by adding 2 pinch of salt, 2 pinch of turmeric and 2 strands of saffron (kesar) helps to not only soothe it but also cure it.

Two Hazelnuts a day keeps a doctor away

Two Hazelnuts a day keeps a doctor away. Since childhood we have always heard " an Apple a day keeps a Doctor away". The shape of hazelnut resembles our heart, just like apples which are heart. shaped too.

A-APPLE, B-Beetroot, C-Carrot.

If the juice of ABC- one apple, beetroot, and carrot is taken every morning for 45-60 days, say good bye to any kind of iron, B12 deficiencies or Hair fall problem. It also helps increase muscle power.


Often people feel that consuming no fat/oil food in the form of loaded salads, fruits, Milkshakes, sprouts is a healthier option to lose weight, but let us correct you all a bit here.

Lemon barley Juice

Summers are the toughest especially because the body gets dehydrated. The best way to keep it hydrated is to take 2 glasses of lemon barley juice in summer morning & evening.

Makhana [Lotus/Fox Seeds]

We get Makhana from lotus flower extract. It has the highest protein that helps balance our hormones.

PINK Carrots

We all are aware of the power of PINK (women), do we know the power of Pink Carrots - Jokes apart


Come winter and we all want to sit by window with hot cup of tea and garma garam (hot) Samosa.


Dried Figs (also known as Anjeer) play a pivotal role in reducing the various symptoms of asthma attacks. They also help in curing the different symptoms associated with asthma.They provide comfort to the asthma patient.


A Low Hb (hemoglobin) level is a common issue sited in many people these days. This issue doesn’t spare anyone and doesn’t see age- old, young, working, non-working… are the one who suffer with this problem

Eat banana,it reduces potassium deficiency.

potassium deficiency is a common issue these days but not known to many. The easiest way to detect this is paying attention to your prolonged joint pains. Your hands, legs ache constantly when there is a deficiency of pottasium, calcium , magnesium and vitamin D. It leads to rheumatic factors, arthritis.

Watermelon Is Good For Pregnant

Come summers and we all are exhausted & stressed. one end we have Exam season, the other end is Scorching heat with mercury soaring with each passing day. We all reach out for water every now and then as dehydration is at its peakDon't you worry, Mother Nature is still kind on us. It has given us Watermelon. Watermelon has lots of minerals and Vitamins that improves our hemoglobin count, keeps us hydrated,improves vitamin B12, improves quality of RBC, platelets count, balances Hormones, and reduces fatty and thick starurated fats as it is high in fiber.


Every female has two types of hormones-oestrogen and progesterone. When these hormones gets disturbed, a female starts putting on weight.We can balance these Hormones.The reason for imbalance of the hormones are : stress, depression, tension, frustration, anxiety, fear. Another reason is junk food such as aginomoto, soy sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar, maida(white flour), baking soda, fermented things.


The fruits which are seedless shouldn’t be consumed. Seedless papaya, banana, grapes, pomegranate, chickoo, etc.Never consume such fruits which are seedless as the chemicals which can dilute the seeds of the fruits will dilute your hormones too.It makes men sterile and females infertile. The fruits which contain lots of seeds will increase the quality and quantity of semen and ova.

Guava-a knee friendly fruit

The shape of guava resembles the knee, before the body parts were made nature created fruits, dry fruits etc. The shape of guava resembles the shape of the knee. The seeds of Guava have calcium which takes care of the knee bone, tissue layers in it takes care of tissues in the knee and the pulp that you eat strengthens the knee muscles.

Apple a day keep the docter away

An apple a day, people says,helps keep the docter away.But keep yourself aware also be aware what a docter say is true,follow it and beat the blue.


Nature is back with yet another gyan to not only give you knowledge but also surprise you with its magical qualities. Nature has given us digestive system to digest the food eaten by us and kidneys to excrete the unwanted waste out of our bodies. Now imagine this machine of excretion system has a problem in functionality then the waste does not get excreted then the body gets full of toxic wastes leading to multiple health issues. But Nature has a solution for all the problems and so for this problem too.

"PCOD- Positive Correction Of Diet"

PCOD or PCOS has become a very famous household name these days. According to research 1 out of 10 women of child bearing age has PCOD resulting in difficulties in conception. Apart from that it also leads to excess body weight and many other health issues in females. But don’t forget that we are all nature beings and nature has given solution to solve this problem as well. The stress people undergo these days in work-life balance, the food habits we have creates hormonal imbalance leading to PCOS. The way mucus is accumulated in our nose, the same way excess of carbohydrates gets accumulated in our pancreas and over a period of time turns into Cyst.


Dear Nature, what is the different between us Humans and all other Living beings of nature?
The thing that most clearly differentiates humans from animals is the capacity to self-reflect. Yes, we Humans have an organ called brain which will enable us to think and make decisions.
But in this fast pace world where technology on one side is making us dependent and reducing our capability to think, on the other side the work-life pattern is making us stressful, tired and reducing the capacity of our brains.
But don’t worry, as we said nature has a solution for everything.

Water Water everywhere, but do we know how much to drink??

As a creator, the Almighty created us humans very different from each other. I am not talking about the caste or religion here. I am talking about the physical form of us. Each person is different in color with different skin types, different height, different personalities, different facial features too and of different blood group. So, how can one rule apply to all? So when said drink lots of water or drink min of 3 litres of water, does the same rule apply to all? Of courseno.


Nature has many wonderful gifts for us human’s. The almighty has created nature first before he created us and hence all of the matter and material in us were picked from nature.
Can’t believe what I say?


The human body is made by nature and so are all the plants, trees, animals and all the beings. And hence the nature has a strong resemblance with us. One of the many examples is our Lungs.
Of course most of us have not seen lungs in reality but we know how it looks like and if you still don’t know how then just open up ribs shaped pistachio’s hard shell and look at it. It just resembles your lungs of pinkish-brownish colour


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