Nature has many wonderful gifts for us human’s. The almighty has created nature first before he created us and hence all of the matter and material in us were picked from nature.
Can’t believe what I say?


Well for instance say our beautiful “Badami Aankhein” like a poet describes it….is surely in shape of Badam/Almonds and so is their relationship and hence our grandmother used to say eat two Almonds every day.

But ever wondered why we are told to soak almonds overnight before consuming??

Almonds are a wonder dry fruit an if taken in right portion and in a right way, it takes care of your eyes. U must have heard this before number of times from elderly people around you. However, even if we know what should be done, we sometimes don’t know why do we do it.
So the question remains…. why soak?

Soaking almonds will help retain water in the eyes to keep it moisturized and helps prevent dryness and all the problems caused in eyes because of same. And needless to say one will never have to wear spectacles if he is into a habit of eating two soaked almonds every day since childhood.

Also, never peel the almond as it contains vitamin E that helps nourish your “E” for Eye lids.


So now that your Badami Aankhein are healthy, what about the retina or its tissues? Oh well! Don’t worry Nature has a solution for that too, so Dried apricots looks like your Eye Balls and they helps keep your retina and tissues are healthy if two apricots are consumed every day.

An almond and an apricot for an Eye make the whole world bright


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