Water Water everywhere, but do we know how much to drink??

As a creator, the Almighty created us humans very different from each other. I am not talking about the caste or religion here. I am talking about the physical form of us. Each person is different in color with different skin types, different height, different personalities, different facial features too and of different blood group. So, how can one rule apply to all? So when said drink lots of water or drink min of 3 litres of water, does the same rule apply to all? Of courseno.

As we all are aware that 70% of our body constitutes of water, then how much more water to add to it? Well typically the answer to this question lies in the question WHAT IS YOUR BLOOD GROUP?

Well Nature surprises us all the time.
So how much water to drink does not depend on your height or weight etc. On the contrary it depends on your Blood Group. And before I reveal the statistics let me tell you that excess water consumed will be stored in body and creates bloating, puffiness and also facilitates weight gain.

So to lose weight it is not only important to know what and how much to Eat, but also very important to know how much water to drink.
On the brighter side if you know how much water to drink, it will help you to improve your energy levels, makes your skin glow , hair healthy and shiny and keeps to rightly hydrated apart from helping you lose weight,

So gear it up and find out your Blood Group in case you don’t know it.

A(+) (-) 2 litres
B(+) (-) 2.5 litres
AB(+)(-) 2.750 litres
O(+) (-) 1.5 litres

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