About the Program

This diet plan is meant for those who wish to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way. This diet plan would help you bid farewell to all your worries, stress, diseases, and hormonal imbalance.

Every individual is unique and so is their body from inside and out. Knowing the same phenomena the consultant understands the body, its functionality, its nature (Chakras), and its deficiencies, excess and give a diet plan for 15 days.

This diet plan balances your body, its chakras resulting in quick and effortless weight loss.

Our Process

Step 1:

  • You are required to fill a pre consultation form while booking an appointment slot.
  • The form helps us to understand all your health related issues, climatic conditions of place, and overall body.

Step 2

  • The consultant goes through the pre consultation form thoroughly before the appointment date.
  • On the day, she comes online for a one on one consultation for 15 minutes over video conferencing and works out a very comfortable and customized diet plan keeping your needs and comfort at utmost priority.

Step 3

  • The diet chart will be shared with you instantly over the same portal.
  • User can either save the diet chart/print it as per the requirement.
  • The food items that are suggested by the consultant meet all your body’s nutritional requirements because the quantity and quality of the food is taken into account.
  • The food items in the diet plan could be prepared at home or purchased from us as per one’s need.
  • We offer you extended support during this 15 days whenever needed through whatsapp/ Emails

P.S: Kindly book the appointment a week prior to completion of 15 days to get desired appointment slot and to maintain consistency in your weight loss journey as “we would like to help you in the only GAME where you WIN when you LOSE.”

Our Products

Inch Loss Gel

It is made with Garcinia Flower Extract which is a natural product without any side effects. It helps tone up your body and helps reduce Cellulite, Minimize Stretch marks resulting in tightening of flabby skin to enable you to achieve desired shape.

Nature’s Cleanser

It is made with Natural herbs that would be given to cleanse your system and remove the toxins from your body.

Customized Food Products

Our store offers various varieties of the diet food products which are customized as per nutritional requirements and Portion Size enabling a person to eat in right quantity for effective weight loss.

Premium Diet Plan

  • 15 days Customized Diet Chart would be given to balance your hormones resulting in Weight Loss.
  • 15minutes one-one video consultation with the Diet therapist.
  • A Natures Cleanser–for detoxification
  • Inch- Loss Gel-For toning, Reducing Cellulite and Stretch Marks.
  • Customized Food Products: to meet the body’s nutritional requirements
  • Includes Courier services at your Door steps.

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Standard Diet Plan

  • 15 days Customized Diet Chart would be given to balance your hormones resulting in Weight Loss.
  • 15minutes one-one video consultation with the Diet therapist.
  • Reducing Cellulite and Stretch Marks.

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Maintenance Diet

  • One time diet plan to be followed throughout in order to maintain your existing weight.
  • This diet will balance your hormones enabling you to maintain your ideal weight
  • This diet might not facilitate any weight loss, it’s only meant for maintenance of your weight while living a normal lifestyle

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Weight Gain Diet

  • This diet is meant for those who wish to gain weight in a natural and healthy way.
  • Gaining weight rightly helps balance hormones facilitating in weight gain without any side effects.
  • All the products given would be purely natural and without any side effects.

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