Hi, I am Nihal Mahenderkar

Age: 21 years

Location: Secunderabad,Telangana

Previous Weight: 122 Kgs

Current Weight: 81 Kgs

No of kgs lost: 41

Duration: " 1 Year " SEP 9 2017 to SEP 9 2018

How Did You Get To Know About Us?

Family friends

How did you feel before and after weight loss?

This was like a biggest dream come true Ever since childhood I had one huge wish ,"I wish I was good looking". And now finally I achieved my dream.Every morning I wake up and look at my self in mirror and feel very proud of my self,it fills me with a different level of joy.It is not a easy task but if u have that real dedication it is very very easy , and main thing the diet Manisha Ma'am gives is very simple , which made it look easy

According to you how Imp is fitness, health and maintaining right weight?

It must be the most important thing in your life , having a proper weight and fitness health will always give u a upper hand in every single , like literally every single thing u do in life No matter how rich you are if u cannot stay fit then it's all useless

What was your biggest complement?

" What you have done is something very great,it is like one of the most difficult tasks in the world , Hats off man"

Share your over all experience with us

all I can say is, The diet is very simple and easy .In full one year of diet , I dint have to consume any chemical substances or any artificial drugs , it was just a simple diet with food we eat at home , And financially Roughly it costed me around 14k for one year 14k - 1Year-41kgs That is really worth spending than spending it on Dr. for health issues This was one of the best and hardest experience of my life But it payed off real well And I am very thankful to Manisha ma'am for it


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