Hi, I am CA. Kalpesh H. Karia

Age : 55

Location : Secunderabad

Previous Weight : 75

Current Weight : 64

Total Weight Lost : 11 Kgs in 5 months.

How did you get to know about us?

My Relative told about it.

How did u feel before and after weight loss?

I feel very happy, light, energetic and mobile

What was your biggest complement?

I look 10 yrs minus my age

Share your overall experience with us Experience:

Truly speaking I have seen so many advertisements and before and after effects of dieting that I did not have faith. I developed stress diabetes and was told to cut down on my food in take and was on medication for a month. I suffered for a month, but nothing worked out. One day I decided to visit Dr. Manisha. May 25th 2018, I took an appointment and visited her. She received me very humbly and asked me to start the diet with faith and no medicines here after. 3 rd day I stopped snoring, my throat was clear, I started feeling light and 15 days my diabetes came under control. I started loosing weight and inch loss was motivating factor. In 3 months time, people started asking me, what is the secret of your beauty. You are loosing weight and your face is glowing. Usually while dieting the face starts looking pale, here it was totally a new experience. In 5 months I have lost 11 kgs and feel so light. Now I am on maintenance diet, I can eat everything but on right time and right portion. I feel happy that at this age also I am receiving compliments. I no longer take iron, calcium, multi vitamins for good health. I have Dr. Manisha's diet for good health.


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