Hi, I am Vaishali Sunil Mehta

Age : 60

Location : VASAI( MUMBAI)

Previous Weight : 95 Kgs

Current Weight : 65 kgs

Total Weight Lost : 30 Kgs in 9 Months

How did you get to know about us?

From our relatives & brother.

How did u feel before and after weight loss?

BEFORE: I used to feel very lazy and inactive. NOW:Fresh & Active,Energetic., living my life like a 30 year old. Even when I was young, I never felt so lively and active.

What was your biggest complement?

Looking very young and full of life. Half my age.

According to you how important is fitness, health and maintaining right weight?

When you are healthy and fit, you can work fully and contribute to the healthy living of the family. Even our family members understand the importance of being fit and healthy.

Share your over all experience with us

Fantastic.like a frnd & well wisher,detailed explanation,Never irritation with any query,Always ready for guidance.True path shower. She became my well wisher and explained the diet in a detailed way. She always cleared all my doubts and guided me to achieve my ideal weight. True path of a healthy life was shown by her. I thank her from bottom of my heart.


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