Hi, I am Vani Shankar

Age: 54


Previous Weight: 77.8 Kgs

Current Weight: 61 Kgs

Total Weight Lost: 16.8 Kgs in 1 Year (with some breaks in between).

How did you get to know about us?

Through an outstation person who was following your diet plan.

How did u feel before and after weight loss?

I felt Very nice. I tried losing weight earlier but couldn't. Never thought I could lose so much weight and the best part is without feeling sick or weak.

What was your biggest complement?

Compliment: i) Looking 10 years younger (ii) when were you this fat ...looking at my then pic

According to you how important is fitness, health and maintaining right weight?

Most important. Health is wealth. It is very easy to gain weight but so difficult to lose weight, so better to eat right food in right quantities.

Share your overall experience with us

One can enjoy this diet plan with different types of food for each meal of the day. The diet plan changes every 15 days so one doesn't get bored and given the variety in the food, there is no scope for craving and Binge eating. We also realise that the body requires very little food but right food.


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