Hi, I am Moiz Akbar Ali Baghani

Age: 27 years

Location: Hyderabad

Previous Weight: 90Kg

Current Weight: 70 Kg

No of kgs lost: 20 Kg

Duration: 4 Months

How Did You Get To Know About Us?

From my relatives.

Before I was not much active and my routine was not stable.

After weight loss I feel very much active and my routine is now totally organised and now I'm doing many activities during the diet I was able to reorganize my daily schedule . And I learn many good health eating habits.

What was your biggest complement?

Thank you DR. Manisha mam for your diet & your guidelines I didn't just lose weight you revived my whole life. Thank you.

According to you how Imp is fitness, health and maintaining right weight?

I believe that we get body for free so at some point we take it as granted which is not right I believe each and every person needs to take care of it. IT SHOULD BE PRIORITY. AND IT SHOULD BE CONSISTENT. (and I personally say that I lose 20kg with proper diet and guidelines from Dr.Mansha Mam. If I can do it anyone can do it. And it's very easy to lose weight if you have proper diet plan)


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