"Watermelon Is Good For Pregnant".

Dear Reader,

Come summers and we all are exhausted & stressed. one end we have Exam season, the other end is Scorching heat with mercury soaring with each passing day.

We all reach out for water every now and then as dehydration is at its peak.

Don't you worry, Mother Nature is still kind on us. It has given us Watermelon. Watermelon has lots of minerals and Vitamins that improves our hemoglobin count, keeps us hydrated,improves vitamin B12, improves quality of RBC, platelets count, balances Hormones, and reduces fatty and thick starurated fats as it is high in fiber. It also promotes good Ova and Sperms and is indeed a wonder fruit for Conception.

But be aware of artificially injected sucrose filled melons, be wise and choose Natural ones. It shouldn't be seedless too.


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