"Eat banana,it reduces potassium deficiency".

Dear Reader,

potassium deficiency is a common issue these days but not known to many. The easiest way to detect this is paying attention to your prolonged joint pains. Your hands, legs ache constantly when there is a deficiency of pottasium, calcium , magnesium and vitamin D. It leads to rheumatic factors, arthritis.

Everyone has problem, but the key is to find the solution.

Don't u worry, Mother nature has a natural problem solver for you.


The shape of Banana and our hand, ankle resembles the same. one banana gives us that bone density, potassium to say good bye to our pains.

When you eat one banana , it covers all this deficiencies . It reduces your hand pains, leg pains, spinal cord pain, knee joint pain & ankle joint pain.

But it should be free from litter, that is it should not be chemically processed. This way it wouldn't work out. If you eat raw banana curry, that also covers pains of your body but of you are a patient of gastro, one shouldn't eat. Pains would severe.


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