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Dried Figs (also known as Anjeer) play a pivotal role in reducing the various symptoms of asthma attacks. They also help in curing the different symptoms associated with asthma.They provide comfort to the asthma patient.

Figs are effective digestive aids and are known for their soothing and laxative properties and are also low in fat and sugar. They help in treating various health conditions that include Respiratory disorders like whooping cough and asthma as it melts the cough and the seeds of Dried Figs acts as roughage & cleanses the cough in the form of phlegm or passes through stools. It helps by draining off the phlegm.

DOSAGE: Any Asthma patient can consume 2 dried figs early in the morning before sunrise for 60 days to seek comfort/ get rid of asthma attacks.

Note: consumption of dried figs not advisable to people having PILES, FISSURES or to a PREGNANT WOMAN.


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