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Come winter and we all want to sit by window with hot cup of tea and garma garam (hot) Samosa. But what about those who are on diet?? Dieters must abstain from the sinful act of gulping down a samosa and crib about that fat around the belly

How pleasant it would seem to hear a dietician advising to eat Samosa (only 1) and lose weight!! Can’t believe, here is the science behind it. If one hot samosa is eaten with pudina chutney for dinner at night, the greens in the chutney will help cleanse your fatty liver & immediately converts to vitamins and the fat does not accumulate in your stomach. Instead the oil used to fry samosa will penetrate into all your 206 bones and help lubricate them. It will not let the fat accumulate as pudina aids in digestion.

Coming to the samosa’s stuffing- carrot, peas, corn supplies protein to the muscles.


  1. 1. try to have wheat flour samosa instead of all-purpose flour
  2. 2. The Samosa should be VERY hot, never cold.
  3. 3. Have only one because excess of anything is bad.

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