Dear Nature, what is the different between us Humans and all other Living beings of nature?

The thing that most clearly differentiates humans from animals is the capacity to self-reflect. Yes, we Humans have an organ called brain which will enable us to think and make decisions.

But in this fast pace world where technology on one side is making us dependent and reducing our capability to think, on the other side the work-life pattern is making us stressful, tired and reducing the capacity of our brains.

But don’t worry, as we said nature has a solution for everything.

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WEB_PATHimages/pages/blog-post-01-768x473.jpg" width="768" height="473" alt="" class="img-responsive center-block offset-top-34"> The shape of a WALNUTS looks like our Brain. The Outside shell represents the skull and when u open the shell you see the brain shaped walnut in two parts. Both these parts of brains are situated between the skull. The bigger portion of brain is situated in front and the smaller portion is situated at the back of neck/head. So, walnut helps improve brain functionality and memory. In order to help reduce the stress which people undergo because of work life pattern, PECAN NUTS helps them. They are also brain shaped nuts but smaller in size to walnuts to reduce the stress in the smaller brain.

MYTH: People say eat 2 almonds soaked overnight to improve memory. No, Almonds helps improve vision not memory (Read our blog on almonds to know more).

REALITY: One must eat 2 Walnuts and 2 Pecan nuts for Brain functionality and memory.

BONUS: Our kind Mother Nature is known for its gifts it showers on all of us. Likewise, eating 2 walnuts will not only help brain functionality but also it has a kind of natural oils that helps reduce cholesterol and also helps greasing of knee for the people who suffer osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatic pains.


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