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The human body is made by nature and so are all the plants, trees, animals and all the beings. And hence the nature has a strong resemblance with us. One of the many examples is our Lungs. Of course most of us have not seen lungs in reality but we know how it looks like and if you still don’t know how then just open up ribs shaped pistachio’s hard shell and look at it.

It just resembles your lungs of pinkish-brownish colour. The way your lungs are protected by the rib cage, the same way pistachios are protected by the hard shell. So if you have any lung related problems like Cold, Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma and Pneumonia then 2 Pistachios in a day (Mostly Morning) will help you to naturally overcome the issues.

People living in cold regions or near sea shore usually have the above mentioned health issues and they face a lot of discomfort due to the same specially while lying down. So, 2 pistachios along with 2 dried figs will help you overcome the problem of Asthma as pistachios helps your lungs to recover the problem and dry figs will give natural warmth and the small seeds in dry figs works as roughage and cleanses the lungs. It is advisable to take 2 Pistachios+2 Dried Figs first thing in the morning for quicker results.

Please Note: People having piles, fissure and fistula are to avoid dried figs.


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