Dear Reader,

Nature is back with yet another gyan to not only give you knowledge but also surprise you with its magical qualities.

Nature has given us digestive system to digest the food eaten by us and kidneys to excrete the unwanted waste out of our bodies. Now imagine this machine of excretion system has a problem in functionality then the waste does not get excreted then the body gets full of toxic wastes leading to multiple health issues. But Nature has a solution for all the problems and so for this problem too. .

The most famous dry fruit Cashew is in the shape of our kidneys. This is nature’s way of indicating that these nuts are good for our kidneys functionality. As there are only two kidneys, the number of cashews consumed should be restricted to two. Now just because it is good for kidneys does not mean you can overeat them. Excess of anything is bad and so is the case in Cashews. Too much consumption may lead to increase in cholesterol level, makes your liver fatty and sometimes leads to heavy bleeding piles. In few cases it creates some skin allergy too. Also Cashews must be consumed in its original form not roasted or fried as that would make it loose all its essential nutrients¬ and what is left is empty calories and fat and am sure you won’t want to eat that as the excess fats would get settled in your body leading to increase in body weight.

Please Note:Have two Cashews once in a week on empty stomach to make your kidneys strong. If anyone has problem in kidneys, they should have the same everyday..


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