"PCOD- Positive Correction Of Diet".

Dear Reader,

PCOD or PCOS has become a very famous household name these days. According to research 1 out of 10 women of child bearing age has PCOD resulting in difficulties in conception. Apart from that it also leads to excess body weight and many other health issues in females. But don’t forget that we are all nature beings and nature has given solution to solve this problem as well

The stress people undergo these days in work-life balance, the food habits we have creates hormonal imbalance leading to PCOS. The way mucus is accumulated in our nose, the same way excess of carbohydrates gets accumulated in our pancreas and over a period of time turns into Cyst. It makes the pancreas slow leading to less insulin production and low sugar levels. The cysts are formed in our ovaries and the treatment of same is done using the drugs like metformin etc but the treatment would be short lived. In some cases Gynaecologist also recommends surgery

The most natural way to solve this problem is by having DATES. Yes, the dry fruit dates which are sticky in nature also called Indian dates are the magical nature’s medicine for PCOS/Cysts. Soaking two dates overnight and drinking the water of the same first thing in the morning for 60-100 days will magically make the cysts vanish from your ovaries thus clearing the problem of POCS without any medication and surgery. Once the cysts gets cleared the female’s hormones gets balanced, period cycle becomes regular, she loses weight and also the system is ready for fertility. But please note too many dates will create boils on your face as they are hot in nature.

Please Note: Excess carbohydrates in the body that gets accumulated in our pancreas, over a period of time turns into Cists. It reduces working of pancreas, insulin production gets affected that aids in digestion of complex sugar in body. That produces cists in ovaries. Many get treated chemically by using over the counter drugs (metformin drug) but that would be short lived..


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