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The fruits which are seedless shouldn’t be consumed. Seedless papaya, banana, grapes, pomegranate, chickoo, etc.

Never consume such fruits which are seedless as the chemicals which can dilute the seeds of the fruits will dilute your hormones too. It makes men sterile and females infertile.

The fruits which contain lots of seeds will increase the quality and quantity of semen and ova. It makes energetic hormones for both men and women. Fruits such as kiwi, guava, watermelon, musk melon, honey melon increase the quality and quantity of hormones.

A female who’s FHS hormones are low, when they consume such fruits full of seeds; there are a good chances of conception. And a male whose semen counts are low, with lowest motility, fruits such as kiwi which has magnesium increases the motility and the quality of semen.


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