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We get Makhana from lotus flower extract. It has the highest protein that helps balance our hormones. We females have 2 most hormones for which progesterone, estrogen injections are taken. When we eat Makhana it balances both the hormones. It takes care of our muscles & helps build it too.


  • 1. It increases breast [for flat breast females]
  • 2. It sharpens the memory
  • 3. it releases joint pains[ near fingers]
  • 4. It is a healthy snack

Note : It has to be Roasted .As it comes from pond [ it smells of pond]. It is to be roasted in cowghee.

Add little bit of black pepper & rock salt, it helps cut down the fats & rock salt will balance your B.P.

*cowghee will not allow you to put on fats.


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