“You have only two options- to make progress or to make excuses”

Here is the story of people who fulfilled their dreams and desires of the healthy life and an ideal body weight which built their self-esteem and confidence.

Here is what they have to share to inspire each one of you!!

Vaishali Sunil Mehta lost 30Kgs in 9 Months

I am very thankful to Manisha madam

(60 years)

Neha Palan Chejara lost 25Kgs in 6 Months

Feels awesome. Thanks from my bottom of my heart to Dr.Manisha

(34 years)

Preethi lost 10Kgs in 2.5 Months

I appreciate all that Manisha madam has done for me. Losing weight and getting back in shape has been a wonderful journey.

(37 years)

Swathi Reddy lost 43 kgs in 1 Year

Very important if one wants to live a long and peaceful life without any health hazard.Thanks to Manisha madam

(33 years)

Davinei lost 32.8 kgs in 5 Months 15 Days

I am very thankful to Manisha madam

(18 years)

Swati lost 35 kgs in 9 months

I can't thank Manishaa madam enough for the kind of journey she has made me go through

(35 years)

Deepika Jagirdar lost 4 kgs in 15 days

If followed properly, Dr. Manisha’s treatment can do wonders to your body and increases self confidence too.

(31 years)

Dr. C. Kameswari lost 11 kgs in 5 months

Thank you so much Manisha madam.

(55 years)

Nihal Mahenderkar lost 41kgs in 1 year

I am very thankful to Manisha madam for it

(21 years)

Ankita Pujari lost 51kgs in 9 months

Thank you so much Manisha Ma’am for helping me out from this obesity.

(27 years)


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