Hi, we are Ramesh and Rajendra

Age: 46 years & 42 Years

Location: Kurnool

Previous Weight: 116 Kgs & 105 Kgs respectively.

Current Weight: 85.5 Kgs & 80 Kgs respectively.

No of kgs lost: 30.5 Kgs & 25 Kgs respectively.

Hi! We are Ramesh(aged 46)and Rajendra(aged 41), two brothers from Kurnool. We both used to lead a sedentary life style due to which we were overweight. Our weights were 116 kgs and 105 kgs respectively.

We tried many diet and exercise option but nothing worked much. One of our friends then suggested us to consult Dr Manishaa from Hyderabad. Though we were reluctant to travel we wanted to give it a try. After consulting her and following her simple yet effective diet, we both lost 30.5kgs and 25 kgs respectively.

We feel very happy as if we are given new life. Now we can walk easily for more than 3km without getting tired, we feel very active and healthy. The best part about the diet is it is very safe as there are no medicines given and if you are consistent result is 100%.

We recommended many friends and family to visit Manishaa madam atleast once and try her world best and tasty diet.

May God Bless all with health as we know health is wealth.


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