Hi, I am Ankita Gupta

Age: 28 years

Location: Hyderabad

Previous Weight: 77.6Kg

Current Weight: 58 Kg

No of kgs lost: 20 Kg

Duration: 5 Months

How Did You Get To Know About Us?

From a friend.

How did you feel before and after weight loss?

Earlier I was less confidence to go Infront of others or attending any functions , but now after diet it makes me feel so good, confident and I am so happy to have done this diet as it changed my complete life style.

According to you how Imp is fitness, health and maintaining right weight?

It is really important to maintain fitness and health as it gives so much confidence,makes us feel Beautiful and makes us realise what actually we are..and simply we can be away from any desease..

Share your over all experience with us

It was quite good journey for all 5 months while reducing weight although little tough but it makes us strong and happy after seeing the results.Also, with only food we can reduce how much we want without any other extra efforts.


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