Hi, I am Preethi

Age: 25


Previous Weight: 98.5

Current Weight: 59.5

Total Weight Lost: 39 Kgs in 3 years(had lost 30 kgs in the first 8 months restarted again about a year ago after some weight gain)

How did you get to know about us?

Through a neighbours.

How did u feel before and after weight loss?

I lacked confidence before the weight loss which actually affected my state of mind and the way I felt about myself but now I feel confident and healthy and happier . I look my age now unlike before .

What was your biggest complement?

When known people don't recognize you that itself is the best compliment in my case .

According to you how important is fitness, health and maintaining right weight?

Being fit and maintaining weight is very important for me because it makes I don't want to be the old not so confident me ever again.In the long run I think to avoid serious ailments having a healthy diet is important.I love the way I look now and maintenance is the key to keep looking this way.

Share your overall experience with us Experience:

It was a wonderful experience with Dr Manisha.She would motivate me to continue with the diet when I would lose track.Being an emotional eater it was difficult at times to not eat but the way she used encourage me has helped a lot to keep going on with the diet.


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